A New Algorithm for Sustainable Testing Capacity in Response to a Pandemic

A peer-reviewed article just published in the Annals of Medicine titled “Multi-tiered screening and diagnosis strategy for COVID-19: a model for sustainable testing capacity in response to pandemic” describes an algorithm for sustainable testing capacity to efficiently evaluate patients in response to a pandemic.

The multi-tiered, diagnostic strategy incorporates a rapid host immune response assay (such as FebriDx®) as a screening test, molecular confirmatory testing, and rapid IgM/IgG testing (such as COV-ID™) to assess benefit from quarantine/further testing and provide information on population exposure/herd immunity.

March 3, 2021

Lumos Diagnostics Announces Northern Diagnostics as Official Canadian Distribution Partner

Lumos Diagnostics announces a distribution partnership with Northern Diagnostics to bring the rapid FebriDx® test into Canada to facilitate the accurate diagnosis of viral and bacterial infections at the point of care.

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