Webinar: How advances in rapid point-of-care technologies are enabling ultra-high sensitivity detection of biomarkers

In this presentation, Lumos Diagnostics and nanoComposix explore technological advances in next generation nanoparticles, assay chemistries, and reader devices to improve the performance of rapid point-of-care (POC) tests.

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The cardiac biomarker, Troponin has been used as a model assay to demonstrate how the sensitivity of lateral flow tests can be extended towards the limits of antibody affinity. The presentation will describe how the combination of the latest assay and reader developments can push the boundaries of sensitivity and quantification and challenge preconceived limitations of rapid POC testing.

September 17, 2018

Lumos Diagnostics collaboration with Defence Materials Technology Centre wins Innovation Award

A ground-breaking point-of-care device being developed by Lumos Diagnostics to diagnose threats faced by deployed forces has won a National Innovation Award at the international Land Forces 2018 expo in Adelaide, Australia.

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