Introducing Lumos: A unique, complete solution provider for rapid point-of-care diagnostics

Lumos Diagnostics develops custom products for its partners using a unique combination of integrated assay and engineering capability paired with its proven reader optical technologies. It also provides regulated manufacturing and cloud technology, all in-house, to create disruptive, connected health solutions for point-of-care use.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California USA, with strong ties into the deep expertise of its parent, Planet Innovation, Lumos is helping clients enter new markets and rethink what is possible with affordable diagnostic solutions that integrate reader, assay and cloud technology.

To strengthen its assay development and test strip manufacturing capability, Lumos acquired Kestrel Biosciences, which has strong expertise in developing and manufacturing lateral flow rapid tests.

By combining its existing portfolio of reader technology with Kestrel’s 30 years of experience in assay development, Lumos is the only POC development company able to offer customers a fully tailored solution to achieve specific business and end user needs.

Lumos helps its partners meet aggressive timeline and budget constraints by leveraging its broad range of existing IP and technologies, including digital platforms to collect and analyze data. Its flexible approach includes the ability to accommodate and integrate with existing partner technologies and interfaces. Whether the development is restricted to one part of the POC process or a complete solution, Lumos has all the resources required in-house to deliver results.

Lumos CEO, Dr Sacha Dopheide, explained Lumos’s mission. “Lumos will work with its partners to challenge the conventional thinking which has dominated the diagnostics market by bringing innovative, connected solutions to revolutionize the clinical, point-of-care and animal diagnostic markets. We do this by being more than just a great provider of technology solutions. We bring our partners deep market insight and business acumen to help them think differently about how they can grow their business and their brand. By bringing in Kestrel, we now include the decades of experience that Jeff Bauer and his team have gathered.”

Jeff Bauer, President Kestrel Biosciences, commented, “Kestrel has built a reputation for providing high quality service and innovation for lateral flow immunoassays and ELISA development solutions. With Lumos we can now extend that offering to providing complete solutions for all rapid testing needs. I know of no other company on the market that can provide such a complete offering.”

May 18, 2020

A New Algorithm for Sustainable Testing Capacity in Response to a Pandemic

A peer-reviewed article just published in the Annals of Medicine titled “Multi-tiered screening and diagnosis strategy for COVID-19: a model for sustainable testing capacity in response to pandemic” describes an algorithm for sustainable testing capacity to efficiently evaluate patients in response to a pandemic.

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