We help our partners develop diagnostic products that lead markets.

Lumos has developed a range of novel platform technologies and intellectual property to improve the performance and availability of POC (Point-of-Care) diagnostics.


Lumos has specific expertise in developing assays across a range of POC, chemistry and technology platforms. These can be configured as stand alone, manual read products or interfaced with Lumos and/or third party hardware for fully automated solutions.

We use our well tested, internally established assay development methods to reduce risk and deliver stable high performance products. Our expertise includes biomarker discovery, reagent development and selection, and assay optimization.

Our assay platforms cover a range of POC method types, from lateral flow and microfluidics to immunoassay and molecular methodologies. Each platform contains well tested, internally established assay methods to reduce risk and deliver stable, high performance products. We strive to continually improve upon the performance of our assay platforms, including the evaluation of novel chemistries and detection technologies.


Lumos has drawn upon its range of detector technologies, to configure several different reader platforms for devices requiring an objective test result. These platforms act as a starting point to reduce overall total development effort and timeline. They are easily customizable to meet partner and/or end user needs and price points.


1. Disposable Reader

Our low-cost POC reader platform is a single use, fully integrated rapid digital reader with an integrated test strip. This system is designed for easy drop in of assay test strips and development of custom assay specific analysis algorithms. The device has optional on-device LED or digital result displays, or Bluetooth connectivity for reporting of results via a smartphone or tablet.

This reader platform is also available as a semi-disposable system whereby the device can be supplied in kit form with 10-50 disposable test strips.

2. Hand-held Reader

Our reusable hand-held reader is available in a range of different optics options, depending on the assay requirements and price point. Its small form factor and on board rechargeable battery allows for a fully portable system. It can also be configured with an on device display and/or connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

3. Benchtop Reader

Our benchtop reader utilizes high performance optical technologies and allows a greater level of user customization.

Options include:

  • Multiple strip and cartridge formats
  • Visible or fluorescent detection chemistries
  • Assay specific optical configuration
  • Large read window with viewable image of test strip
  • Access to raw data
  • Proprietary analysis software and tools

Core technology and settings, optimized through the benchtop reader, can be easily transferred into a tailored analyzer with a customized feature set.


Detector Technology

The Lumos detector technologies utilize high precision optics configured to meet a range of price points and flexibility needs. These can be incorporated into custom, standalone portable reader devices through to larger laboratory systems.

1. Single Point Detector

Our low cost optical detector technology has high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Low-cost optics facilitate disposable and multi-use semi-disposable reader applications.

This detector is configurable for visual and fluorescent detector chemistries. High sensitivity and a wide dynamic range of detection make it especially suitable for qualitative and quantitative applications.

The test result can be displayed through on-device LED/LCD display or through the addition of wireless connectivity to enable mobile device interface and/or connection to the cloud.

2. Camera Detector

Our camera based optical detector provides ultra high performance and flexibility, suitable for a range of applications and assay chemistries. Its sensitivity is comparable to that of expensive laboratory optics systems, but at a fraction of the cost.

Wide dynamic range allows for detection of analytes across a broad concentration range and identification of assay hook effect. Wide field of view enables imaging of the entire test strip and easy addition of new tests post-launch through a simple software update. Both cost and complexity are reduced as there are no moving parts.


Lumos has experience with a range of POC cartridge technologies, from lateral flow through to microfluidics. Where possible, we use existing off-the-shelf components to minimize product development effort. We are also introducing new improved components where there is a need for high performance and consistency.


Our novel thread based membrane technology was originally conceived by the Whitesides group at Harvard University, and exclusively licensed to Lumos. This technology was sought out by Lumos to overcome known challenges with existing POC cartridge materials.

In addition to being a highly consistent and easy to produce material, the Lumos thread technology enables high performance multiplexing as each assay lane is truly independent, with tailored conditions for each analyte.


Lumos has developed a cloud platform that is flexible, scalable and already on the market for customized partner applications.

A cloud interface is a valuable addition to capture information on device location, test usage, results and associated patient metrics. Lumos cloud computing and machine-learning can be used to analyze data in the cloud along with other related information, for example, patient drug dosing and usage.

Our cloud platform has the ability to integrate directly with Information Systems and/or electronic medical record systems.

Lumos Diagnostics will help you develop your own diagnostic products that lead markets.