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What is the storage requirement of FebriDx®?
FebriDx® tests can be stored at room temperature (4-25°C or 39-77°F).

What patient can be tested with FebriDx®?
Patient with symptoms of a new ARI (including runny nose, nasal congestion, fever, sore throat, new cough in less than 7 days and within 3 days of fever onset.

What patient samples can be used on FebriDx® test?
Only fresh fingerstick blood can be used with the FebriDx® test. Venous whole blood cannot be used.

When can the FebriDx® test results be interpreted?
FebriDx® can be read after 10 minutes has elapsed and the background is clear of blood. FebriDx® test results are stable for up to one hour. Do not attempt to interpret results beyond one hour of test initiation.
The result line is faint. Does this affect the interpretation of results?
Even if the result line is faint in color, incomplete over the width of the test strip, or uneven in color, it should be interpreted as positive. A positive result indicates the presence of elevated MxA and/or CRP proteins.

The result line(s) is visible but the control line is absent. Can I still report the results?
A blue control line must appear in the result window for the test to be valid. The absence of the blue control line indicates an invalid result and the patient must be retested with a new FebriDx® test.

If you have further questions, please consult your FebriDx® User Guide or contact us at [email protected]
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