We help our partners develop diagnostic products that lead markets.

The Lumos team has a strong track record in medical devices, from concept through to commercialization.

Lumos Diagnostics - Solution Diagram

We Know

Lumos has in-depth POC (Point-of-Care) market knowledge derived first hand from getting out into the market to understand the workflow and day-to-day challenges experienced by end users.

We have a sound understanding of the regulatory and reimbursement landscape, including direct experience in taking medical devices through FDA and European IVDD approvals.

We use financial modelling to ensure the final product solution is a viable opportunity.

We Bring

The Lumos team has extensive experience in POC medical device design, development and manufacturing. Our team of scientists and engineers have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in POC devices, through our own internal intellectual property development and its translation into POC products in collaboration with our partners. Our strong assay development scientific team specialize in the development of rapid tests, while our internal industrial design team ensure our products fit market needs.

Our proven technologies can be leveraged to reduce development time and risk. These range from individual ‘drop in’ modules allowing for mix and match of componentry, based on needs through to fully functional systems.

We Deliver

We provide custom POC product solutions tailored to meet your business and end user needs. We are flexible enough to accommodate and integrate with partner technologies and interfaces, for example, cloud.

Our custom product solutions ensure the end product meets your business and end-user needs without the carry over of unnecessary features, costs or usability issues that can occur when piecing together off the shelf solutions. We give the option to mix and match from our existing proven technology range and/or integrate these in with your own to create a fully integrated solution. We provide on-site, full product manufacturing to deliver a complete product to you, ready for launch.

Lumos Diagnostics will help you develop your own diagnostic products that lead markets.