Lumos manages the full development program for POC assays, from sourcing and/or generation of reagents, right through to verification and validation. With the acquisition of Kestrel BioSciences, the Lumos team brings over 30 years of experience in assay development and market knowledge.
Full Development Capabilities from Assay to Full Cassette
The Lumos team has broad capability across the full spectrum of POC assay development needs including:

  • Lateral flow, flow through and enzyme assays
  • Visible and fluorescent detection chemistries
  • Qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative formats
  • Single and multi-plex
  • Broad range of specimen types
  • In-house manufacturing
Development Process
Lumos assay development follows a standard phased approach, with a focus on reducing product risk and matching development effort with the appropriate regulatory requirements.

Lumos begins by working with its partners to obtain a thorough understanding of the customer and product needs, ensuring the key specifications and design elements are fully understood from both a scientific and market perspective.

Throughout the development program, our experienced project leaders will ensure clear communication of project progress and tracking against timelines and budget.
Lumos Assay Experience
The Lumos Assay Development Team have broad experience over a wide range of POC assays, configurations and specimen types.
Assay Type
Lateral Flow
Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
Flow Through Lateral Assay
Protein Chemistry Techniques
Enzymatic systems with a variety of substrate options
Colloidal gold
Latex particles - visible and fluorescence
Magnetic bead
Visual Dyes
Assay Configurations
Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative & Quantitative
Multiplexing - within strip and multi strip systems
Lateral flow, macro and microfluidic systems
Specimen Types
Whole Blood
Supply Offering
Lumos can provide the full range of materials needed for lateral flow assay development.
  • Colloidal Gold
  • Lateral Flow Backing Cards
  • Lateral Flow Development Kits (including):
    • Backing Cards
    • Wicks
    • Colloidal Gold
    • Cassettes
    • Nitrocellulose Membranes
    • Pouches
    • Conjugate Samples Pads
    • Desiccant Pouches
Educational Services
Lumos offers on-site consulting and educational training on POC assay development.

Learn about reagent and materials selection, conjugation techniques, available levers for assay optimization, transfer into manufacturing and quality control techniques.

The training consists of both lecture and practical lab bench sessions to provide a solid knowledge base, as well as laboratory skills. All training sessions are customizable to individual customer needs through modular elements that can be added or subtracted as desired.

Thorough hands-on wet lab training courses can be conducted at Lumos’s assay development facility in Southern California or at the customer’s site.

Contact us and tell us about your education training needs.

Contact the Lumos team to learn more about our assay development capabilities and how we can help you achieve your POC test goals.