Lumos Diagnostics has developed a digital cloud platform, that enables our partners to leverage the cloud to create an entire product ecosystem and enhance reader capability. We work collaboratively with you to customize our platform and develop a specific solution that fits your exact needs.
A cloud interface is a valuable addition to capture information on POC device location, test usage, results and associated patient metrics, and provides our partners new insight into their aggregated data, which in turn provides new product and market opportunities.

Lumos has extensive in-house data security and patient privacy expertise and provides a full range of data management options, in conjunction with reader and assay strip development, offering our partners a wider range of product options for any device.

We understand the importance of data security and patient privacy and are committed to the development of HIPAA, HITECH and GDPR compliant solutions.

Cloud-based: Our proprietary cloud platform utilizes industry leading cloud infrastructure to provide secure storage and access to data. This translates into real value for our partners by mitigating the burden of infrastructure or regulatory implications.

Integration: With in-house data management and digital development expertise, the entire POC test development can be focused with data acquisition, management and EMR and/or Information System integration in mind. Lumos can also provide connectivity infrastructure if required.

Connectivity: Our readers can be designed to either store data internally, on a local connected device, or can transmit data to a remote location for storage and management.

Speak with a Lumos Diagnostics representative today to learn how our cloud platform can enhance your current or next generation point‑of‑care devices.