Lumos draws upon its range of proven core optical technologies to customize reader platforms to individual partner needs, reducing development cost and risk, and resulting in a faster time to market.
Customized Reader Solutions
Lumos understands that developing all the components needed for a successful POC device from scratch can be an expensive exercise. We have drawn upon our extensive understanding of the POC market to develop our own POC reader platforms, with built-in flexibility so we can easily tailor the final product to meet our partner’s needs. Mix and match features and functions to develop the reader that best meets your target market requirements.
Disposable Readers
The Lumos disposable reader platform has been designed for easy drop in of test strips and uploading of custom assay specific analysis algorithms. These readers can easily be customised to meet users’ needs, with optional colorimetric or fluorescent labels, on-device LED indicator or LCD numerical results outputs, qualitative and quantitative options and Bluetooth connectivity for reporting of results via a smartphone or tablet.

Lumos offers the disposable reader in two formats:

Multi-use Disposable Reader - the device is supplied in kit form with 20-50 disposable test strips.

Single-use Disposable Reader - the test strip is fully integrated with the reader in a single-use, fully disposable system.
Reusable Readers
Our reusable reader platform provides our partners with an affordable solution for POC applications needing high precision imaging and/or are interested in selling a suite of POC tests on the one reader platform.

The Lumos reusable reader uses high precision camera optics and enables imaging of the entire test strip. There are no moving parts in the reusable reader, reducing the cost and complexity of the device. It is also suitable for qualitative and quantitative applications and a variety of assay detector chemistries (i.e. visual, fluorescent labels). Additional tests can be added post launch through a simple software update.

The camera optics utilized in the reusable reader are also offered in the Lumos Leelu Benchtop Reader. This allows partners doing their own assay development to gather relevant data.
Off-the-Shelf Product Solutions
Leelu Reader
The Leelu Reader is a highly flexible lateral flow reader, that was developed to support our assay development partners and lateral flow test strip production quality control.

The Leelu Reader allows our partners to utilize the same optical configuration during development as the final customized reader product. Likewise, when test strips are transferred into manufacturing, product quality can be examined in detail to facilitate troubleshooting and ensure consistent product is produced.

The Leelu Reader is suitable for use across a range of assay types and chemistries:
  • Qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative applications
  • Configurable across a range of visual and fluorescent detection labels
Leelu Reader product features include:
  • Best in class optical sensitivity to detect low analyte detection levels
  • Wide dynamic range to cover a broad range of analyte concentrations and enables identification of assay hook effect
  • Wide field of view to enable imaging of the entire test strip, useful to identify sample flow and conjugate release issues and multiplexing
  • High resolution imaging to view consistency of test and control lines, identify artefacts (i.e. streaking, bright spots, etc) and store a permanent visual record of the test strip
  • Easy to use proprietary analysis software and tools to quantify test and control line intensities and background readings at multiple defined locations
  • Full access to raw data (test strip images, CSV and Excel) to support data analysis and research needs
  • Rapid 5 second read time
  • Flexible sample tray to accommodate multiple strip and cartridge formats
Development Capabilities
Lumos has a wide range of experience in POC reader development, from flexible laboratory systems through to portable disposable devices suitable for in field use.

By using Lumos’s existing reader optical technologies, the development timeline, cost and product risk are reduced, resulting in a faster time to market.

Lumos is able to tailor the final product to match our partners' performance, cost and regulatory requirements.

Contact us to discuss your reader needs and learn more about Lumos’s range of readers for every market.