Lumos helps you develop and manufacture custom rapid Point-of-Care diagnostic solutions.
Lumos provides a unique offering to our partners by having the full range of expertise in house to deliver complete, commercially ready point-of-care solutions. Our goal is to enable point-of-care testing to be more accessible, facilitating the migration of diagnostic testing out of laboratories, directly to where it’s really needed. We keep a finger on the pulse of the market to identify challenges affecting the uptake of point-of-care tests and keep abreast of new technologies that may help overcome those barriers. We have a highly experienced team that’s passionate about point-of-care diagnostics and ensuring we provide the best custom solutions for our partners.
Leadership Team
Sacha Dopheide
General Manager - Australia
Chief Technology Officer
Eric Perreault
General Manager - USA
Chief Commercial Officer
Jeff Bauer
R&D Director
Ben Bergo
Corporate Development
Planet Innovation
Lumos Diagnostics maintains strong ties back to its parent company, Planet Innovation (PI), which is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and successful product development and commercialization companies in the world.

PI has a team of over 260 commercially focused product developers, engineers, scientists, industrial designers, technicians, project managers and QA managers.

They specialize in regulated biomedical products and hi-tech connected devices; and excel at exploiting the technology convergence between sectors such as Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Industrial and Consumer. Lumos leverages the expertise of PI as needed.

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