Custom Reader Development

Lumos leverages its suite of established core optical technologies to customize reader platforms based on the unique needs of each client. This strategy effectively minimizes development costs and mitigates risks, resulting in a quicker time to market.

Customized Reader Solutions

Lumos understands that developing all the components needed for a successful point-of-care device can be an expensive endeavor. We draw upon our extensive understanding of the point-of-care market to develop our own point-of-care reader platforms. With built-in flexibility, we can easily tailor the final product to meet client needs. We provide mixed and match features and functions to help develop the reader solution that best meets your target market requirements.

Disposable Readers

The Lumos Multi-use Disposable Reader provides ultimate portability for digitization of lateral flow test strips and Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices for easy access to results.

  • Portable, high throughput solution for point of-care settings
  • Reader device is supplied as a kit with up to 50 single use test strips
  • Assay results displayed via on device LED indicators
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices for operation with a companion app

The Lumos disposable reader platform has been designed for easy drop-in of test strips and uploading of custom assay specific analysis algorithms. These readers can easily be customized to meet users' needs, with optional colorimetric or fluorescent labels, on-device LED indicator or LCD numerical results outputs, qualitative and quantitative options, and Bluetooth connectivity for reporting of results via a smartphone or tablet.

Lumos also offers a Single-use Disposable Reader solution, with the test strip is fully integrated with the reader in a single-use, fully disposable system.

Reusable Readers

The Lumos Hand-held Camera Reader provides high-performance detection technology in a cost-effective reader. Our handheld reader can be easily customized to serve a wide range of applications.

  • Multi-assay support through integrated cassette barcode reading
  • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices for operation with a companion app to guide the user, report and store results, and provide external connectivity
  • High precision measurement for qualitative and quantitative applications and a variety of assay detector chemistries (i.e. visual, fluorescent labels)
  • Available in an easy-to-use benchtop solution that integrates the reader, tablet and cradle.

The camera optics utilized in the reusable reader are also offered in the Lumos Leelu research-use-only benchtop Reader. This enables clients performing their own assay development to gather relevant data.

Development Capabilities

Lumos has a wide range of experience in point-of-care reader development, from flexible laboratory systems through to portable disposable devices suitable for in-field use.

By using Lumos existing reader optical technologies, the development timeline, cost and product risk are reduced, resulting in a faster time to market. Lumos can tailor the final product to match our client's performance, cost and regulatory requirements.

End-to-end Development Process

Lumos begins each project by working with its clients to obtain a thorough understanding of the customer and market drivers. We use proven methodologies for market assessment and end-user needs definition to identify the best solution for our clients. This may even involve visiting labs and clinics to gain insight into the environment.

We bring this deep market understanding into development, ensuring customers' needs are considered at every step. We follow a standard phased approach, and draw upon our existing reader optical technologies, data analytics and cloud infrastructure to reduce timeline, cost and product risk, resulting in a faster time to market. By having the full development team in-house, we can parallel-path the individual components of a point-of-care diagnostic system more effectively, which is critical to deliver the highest quality product within the timeline required. Lumos can take your product right through verification and validation, and into manufacture, following FDA and ISO compliant processes, as required according to your product and business requirements.

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