FebriDx® now available to health care practitioners in Belgium

9 July 2024
Lumos Diagnostics has extended its agreement with Henry Schein Europe, which will see the expansion of distribution of FebriDx® into Belgium.

Henry Schein, Inc is the world’s largest provider of health care solutions to office-based dental and medical practitioners, and currently distributes the FebriDx® test in the UK, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the US. Henry Schein’s Medical business expanded into the Belgium market in 2023, specifically serving general practitioners and midwives.

Lumos CEO, Doug Ward commented:
"We are pleased to continue to partner with Henry Schein in various countries and throughout the world to provide access to FebriDx® and help address the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance. By providing clinicians with rapid and accurate information about the nature of a patient's infection, FebriDx® can help health care professionals make more informed decisions about antibiotic use, ultimately benefiting both individual patients and public health."

According to the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain, Safety and Environment, antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest threats to public health today and in the future.

General Manager of Henry Schein Medical Netherlands, Alain Nijsing said:
“Our team is dedicated to providing innovative, integrated health care products, together with our supplier partners, that customers can rely on. By partnering with Lumos to now offer FebriDx® in Belgium, we can help health care professionals around the world have access to the tools needed to continue providing quality care.”

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