New FebriDx® study published in peer-reviewed journal: Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

8 April 2024
Lumos is pleased to announce that respected international journal, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, has published results of a FebriDx® study conducted by collaborators at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Barcelona, one of Spain’s largest paediatric hospitals.

The study enrolled 216 paediatric patients and aimed to determine FebriDx’s impact on the management of antibiotics in paediatric patients presenting to the emergency department with Acute Respiratory Infection.

The study concluded FebriDx could be a useful tool for optimising antibiotic use in children with acute febrile respiratory infections. FebriDx may also decrease the need for unnecessary chest X-rays, improving the management of febrile respiratory illnesses in children.

Principal Investigator, Director of the pediatric emergencies service and Associate Professor Dr. Carles Luaces Cubells commented:

"Febrile syndrome is, without a doubt, the most frequent reason for consultation in Paediatric Emergency Departments. Emergency paediatricians know that in most cases these febrile processes correspond to viral conditions. Despite this, the correct diagnosis is still a major and frequent challenge.

"FebriDx, with its two biomarkers (MxA and CRP) has shown that it is a rapid diagnostic test, with results available in 10 minutes, capable of helping in the possible identification of the infectious agent (virus vs bacteria), contributing to a much more adequate antibiotic prescription and thus considerably limiting the negative effects mentioned above. It should also be reiterated that the simple sample processing and its low harm/pain causing technique represent an added value for paediatric patients.

"Based on our experience, we understand that the incorporation of FebriDx in the diagnostic arsenal for febrile patients, along with a good clinical evaluation, is useful for improving the indication of complementary tests such as X-rays and favors a more accurate antibiotic prescription."

Lumos CEO and MD, Doug Ward, commented:

"We are highly encouraged by the results of this paediatric study and I commend Associate Professor Dr. Carles Luaces Cubells and his team for their excellent work. We are also grateful to all the patients who agreed to participate – their contributions are invaluable in helping us to achieve our goal of reducing antibiotic overuse.

"If FebriDx can be useful as an aid in diagnosing conditions in children like pneumonia quickly and accurately, it means we can use the right treatment tools straight from diagnosis, potentially reducing recovery times and stress for these kids and their families. It may also mean less load on other hospital resources, such as imaging, in those markets where use is permitted."

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